Digital Die Cutting

Literally at the “cutting edge” of the digital print revolution.
Our Die-cutting machines bypass the need for expensive cutting formes. Utilising the very latest in digital technology, we can cut ANY SHAPE our customers require, then switch and cut a different shape!

Die Cut Labels

Our cutters are clever enough to cut ANY label shape you need. Whether that be a shape for a brand, a character outline, large corners or just an exact size to fit into a space.

Several customers have created their very own branded label sheets, bespoke leaflets with peel-out labels to promote their brand!

None of this diminishes the flexibility afforded to our digital labels. All extra processes such as laminating and foiling are all still available.

Die Cut Swing Tickets & Cards

The cutters like labels but they much prefer cutting cards into exciting shapes.

No longer bound by rigid cutter formes or horizontal guillotines, digital die cutting is only bound by your imagination! Be it clothing tickets, Blister Pack Inserts, Header Cards or even shapes to hold products in place, it’s all here – ready to be created!

Product Boxes

Taking things to a whole new level!
The cutting machines are perfectly set up to create specialised boxes for your products…

No matter if it’s a bottle of Gin, a bottle of nail varnish, a tub of lip gloss or a tub of ice cream it all works, it’s all here – it’s all ready to be created!

If all that wasn’t enough, we can laminate with a whole series of specialised laminates and some spectacular foils to create the perfect box for your wears.

Not to mention, there is no setup costs, no cutter charges and no minimum quantities. Welcome to the new world of digital.