Ticketing Products

Admiral Labels are proud to be official distributors for Avery Dennison® Fastener Division.

We have at our disposal all the unique products that Avery Dennison have made successful; from standard swiftachments for clothing, to specialist products for ticketing meat or horticultural stock.

Avery Dennison have long been the market leader when it comes to product ticketing. Their extensive range of Swiftach products provides a solution to each and every point of sale (POS) application.

Recent Avery Dennison products have taken things a step further… String-tach, a connecting loop made of string was introduced specifically for fine jewellery, where plastic products might diminish the ‘expensive look’.

Along the same lines, Branded ID Attachments have made quite an impression in the clothing industry by adding logos, sizes and advertising to products through the tagging itself, ensuring a professional finish to garments.
Micro-tach was commissioned with the task of making pins redundant in the packaging of products and clothing. Small enough to be discreet, but strong enough to do the job, Micro-tach is ideal for fixing products such as shirts, toys, dolls, socks and countless more items to header cards and display packaging.

Shoe Pairing Ties offer a cost effective method of ensuring merchandising remains as a pair in a retail environment. Difficult to tamper with but easy for staff to remove. The unique ‘stop’ mechanism prevents goods being pulled tightly, and ensures a neat and tidy appearance.

Admiral Labels offer these products from stock, along with a large range of other Avery Dennison non-invasive products, including; Secur-a-tach and Secur-a-tie.