Printed Sheet Labels

Several years ago, Admiral recognised the impending shift to a digital world, labelling wasn’t going to resist the revolution.

Large investment into digital printers offers our customers new opportunities – High Quality, professional labels with the bonus of minimal setup costs, multiple designs and low minimum quantities!
Product labels became less of a headache, particularly for cottage industries, small start-ups and launching of new products.

Our sheet label service is the beating-heart of operations, jobs ranging from a single label, to orders into their millions, with hundreds of different designs. We can do it all and more…

Printing on demand

Our current setup allows us to start printing as soon as we have a design, whether it’s small price labels, with a single colour, or large A3 full colour images, it’s all just a button press away!

We specialise in keeping production lines moving. By removing the traditional obstacles of printing, we can react instantly to any print emergency our customers have – quite literally, labels on demand!

Pushing the Boundaries

Further investment in machinery has progressed things a little further. We can now offer our customers labels that were previously uneconomical in small production runs…

Laminated Labels

Specialist laminates are used for practical purposes like print protection or anti-glare finishes. Now increasingly they are being used to add value to products, velvet-touch laminates are very popular, as is the sand effect laminate that creates a non-slip quality to drinks cans and other products.
Enquire about what can be done…

Foiled Labels

Something extra special! Foiled labels are becoming increasingly popular. New technology is making a process that was once costly and uneconomical on small runs, available to everybody…

Digital foils are part of Admiral’s arsenal of “embellishments”, when combined with our laminates, they really give an up-market feel to labels and the products they are placed on.