Printed Swing Tickets

Swing Tickets have become ever more popular in recent years, advances in printing technology has allowed even the smallest retailers to mimic the multinational stores in creating recognisable brands.

Utilising our digital machinery, we can offer all the flexibility offered to our label customers, directly into our swing tickets production.

What used to be a market in which standing out, meant spending money, Admiral can now produce swing tickets on-demand!

Simple barcodes, or full colour. Plain or embellished with laminates and foils – it’s all just waiting to go!

There are situations where customers need to produce their own POS information and can’t have everything printed at the time of production. To solve this, tickets can be produced with spaces to stick adhesive labels on at the time of packing, maintaining the brand but creating the flexibility and supply chain.

Swing Ticket production now benefits from our new DIGITAL DIE-CUTTING. Shaped Tickets, waist over-riders, circular tickets, round corners now all become part of Admiral’s “on-demand” portfolio.