Label Printing Machines

Thermal Transfer Printers (Printing Machines)

When your company needs to be in control of its on-demand labelling then it’s time to consider purchasing an in-house Thermal Transfer Printer and Labelling Software package.

Admiral Labels supply printers from the market leaders in the industry.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Admiral Labels will print your labels in their dedicated print bureau. We print many thousands of Barcodes, sequentially numbered and batch labels or just simple text on both self adhesive and ticket media every week.

Turnaround is usually 3 working days and all barcodes are quality checked for verification.

Label Software

Admiral Labels can supply to your company the software which is used in its very own printing bureaus, ‘Labelview’ and ‘Bartender’ are top of the range label printing software and are widely recognised throughout the industry as the very best available.

Both brands of software can print on or off-line, off a network or from an already established database. All standard barcode symbologies are incorporated and most usable images can be incorporated.

Most importantly printed labels are available at the click of a button, keeping your business moving.